Webhook replies "Accepted"?

I have Twilio forwarding incoming SMS messages to a Make webhook.

The problem is that every SMS gets an automatic reply, “Accepted”.

I’d like to make that stop, but I’m not even sure if the reply is coming from Twilio or from Make.

Hi @Ivan_Denker

Yes it is coming from Make. Every webhook that hits Make.com gets a response with the body as accepted.

You can modify this though, all you need to do is add a webhook response action like this:

Use status code 200 and keep the body blank.


I think I’m still a little scrambled.

If I leave the Body field blank, I still get a reply saying “Accepted”

But if I put any text in the Body field, I get no reply!

So the outcome is what I want, but the mechanism seems wrong.

@Ivan_Denker It depends on what kind of content-type the original request is running.
If the content-type is text you can just place some text in the body, but if its JSON you will have to put something like:

	"Message": "We received the request"

The content-type of the response can also be adjusted in the advanced settings.
Let me know if this helps you.

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Thanks! I’m not sure I’ll mess with it, since it’s working as I need it to. But if that changes, it’s useful to know to consider the content type.

I get the same issue when using Twillio + Webhooks. I tried the response 200 on Make but it’s not working. Also when I put something in the body, it triggers my flow twice. Any ideas?

I set the response code to 300 to indicate I am redirecting it to another service.

I found my issue, I had set the same Webhook URL in Twillio for the fallback and the primary. It was sending it twice.


Heya @Sleiman_Tanios welcome to the community :wave:

Awesome to hear that you managed to figure this out, great job! Also, thanks a lot for circling back to the community in order to let us know how you solved this. We really appreciate that :pray: