Webhook with Query Parameters and Redirect URL or Response HTML Data

Webhook with Query Parameters and Redirect URL or Response HTML Data - GrowwStacks


This solution addresses the need for seamless integration of webhooks with query parameters and the ability to redirect users or provide HTML data as responses. In various business processes, such functionality is crucial for managing user interactions, automating workflows, and enhancing customer experiences. Key features include flexibility in handling query parameters, support for redirect URLs, and the ability to generate dynamic HTML responses.

Demo Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  • Configure Webhook Endpoint: Set up a webhook endpoint in make.com by using Webhooks - Custom Webhook Module.

  • Define Query Parameters: Specify the query parameters that your webhook will accept. This could include parameters such as user_id, product_id, action, etc.

  • Process Query Parameters: Based on the received query parameters, execute the necessary business logic. This could involve querying databases like Google Sheet or Airtable, invoking APIs, or performing other scenarios.

  • Handle Redirects or Response Data: If the response is a redirect URL, redirect the user to the specified URL. If the response is HTML data, return the HTML content as the response to the incoming webhook request.

For Response Data, Status should be 200 and write HTML Code in Body or Normal Text

For Redirect URL, Status can be 303 or 302 and add Custom Headers with Key and Value. Value will have the URL.


  • Streamlined integration of webhooks with query parameters.
  • Enhanced user experience through dynamic responses.
  • Improved automation and efficiency in business processes.

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In conclusion, this solution offers a robust approach to integrating webhooks with query parameters, allowing businesses to automate processes and deliver personalized user experiences effectively. We thank the community for their interest and support and look forward to continued innovation in the field of Low-Code BPA.

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