Return data from Make?


What’s the best practice to return data from Make to another application - effectively a webhook or URL I can call (in this case, from a webpage) to display data that has been created during a Make Scenario?


  1. Have a search field on a web page
  2. Call a webhook passing a parameter
  3. Use Make to go off to multiple sources to accunulate data
  4. Pass that bundle of data back to the webpage
  5. display the data in a tabe

Can’t help thinking I’m really over thnking this and the ideas I’m trying to consider


Hello @mdb213,

So, if your Scenario is Triggered by a Webhook, you can use a Webhook Response module to return something to the caller.
You can customize the HTTP Status Code, the body of the response, or the headers.
For example, if you set the code to something like 307 or 308, you can specify a Location header with a URL and that will tell respond with a directive to redirect to another webpage, if you called/clicked to the Webhook from a web browser.
If you respond with a 200/2xx code and some HTML in the body, and it should render a webpage.

In either case, the response can include data from the Scenario.

Keep in mind that the Webhook response needs to be used within about 40 seconds from the beginning of the scenario, otherwise it won’t be used.

If that isn’t what you’re looking for, then another thought it using an HTTP module to call another URL from within the Scenario. Say you want to kick off another Scenario somewhere in a Scenario that’s already running, you can use HTTP or Make module for that.

Hope that helps!


Thank you Donald, that is awesome and I really appreciaate the time you took to answer. I’ll give it a go!!!


If your trigger module is a Custom Webhook, see these sections in the Help Center:

The example provided in the Help Center demonstrates how to return a web page displaying dynamic data/variables in the page.


Thank you, I never found those articles. Will take a look