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Is it possible to setup/use an HTTP Webhook without the redirect to HTTPS?

I desperately need integration with a trigger source (a WiFi Button) that does not support TLS/HTTPS. This is a simple webhook trigger and no data is passed, however the Make webhook URL always forces a redirect from http:// to https://, causing the WiFi button to fail calling the hook.

I welcome and appreciate any suggestion or recommendation. Thanks!

Hi @jhurdt,

Welcome to the Make Community! I think this is a safety measure from Make. But please give more info.

You have created a webhook in Make, for which the webhook URL is generated automatically. This will always start with https://. Is this not possible to add to the WiFi Button? Why would the button fail to call the hook in the first place?

Alternatively, have you thought about using the Make App to create buttons, so you can start the scenario whenever? https://www.make.com/en/help/apps/communication/apple-ios#running-a-scenario-using-the-make-for-ios-app

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Hi @Henk-Operative,

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Here is my basic use-case… Allow a user to press a physical button that triggers a Make Scenario. In my case, it would act as a physical “Help” button that, when the button is pushed, it creates a ticket within Syncro RMM to alert us of a problem.

Technically, the webhook and scenario works when tested directly in the PC browser, however…

The physical button (the “Shelly Button1”) is strictly limited to calling an HTTP webhook - a GET request. The button lacks SSL/TLS/HTTPS support.

In my tests, the button works flawlessly when calling a webhook via HTTP (at another webhook site), but it fails with Make.com because the Make webhook URL (http://hook.us1.make.com/) is forcing a redirect to HTTPS (https://hook.us1.make.com/).

The potential uses are limitless. Unfortunately, I’m stuck because I can’t make the call to a very basic HTTP webhook. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions!

Hi @jhurdt,

I really like the use case, combining digital automation with the physical!

As the webhook URL is generated and handled by Make with safety measures in mind, I don’t think this can be changed. Make simply doesn’t allow it, and to be honest, this is an edge case.

Have you thought about using an intermediary service? You mentioned that another webhook site works. What about: Button > Other Webhook site > Make Webhook?

Or if you have set up a domain somewhere, passing the webhook to Make yourself? Button > your website > Make Webhook?

Or find a WiFi button that is able to send over HTTPS protocol, of course.

Hope this helps.



Good call! I was considering another webhook service and even a webhook relay site, but had not considered utilizing my own domain/site. I was able to bang out some code and now the button is working as the basic trigger for my Make Scenario.

Thanks so much for the feedback and guidance… Cheers! :champagne:


Hi @jhurdt,

That is great, happy to hear that it works! Nice job!

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