Physical button to trigger scenario

Hello community,

Have you an idea of how can I connect a webhook to a psyhical button to a ?

Maybe an arduino one ? A wifi button on Amazon ?


You can use Mobile apps if you want to use that instead,

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You should be able to arduino as well, if you can configure it to trigger Webhook on Make.

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The cheapest network-enabled buttons (and with the best battery life) all require a Hub, as they use Zigbee or Bluetooth LE. Depending on your tech stack, you could use a TP-Link Tapo, an Ikea TRÅDFRI or any other similar device.

If you don’t have or want a hub, then the best option is likely to be a Shelly Button. It’s a little bigger and the battery isn’t as as long lasting, but it just hooks into your WiFi and can be configured to trigger any URL endpoint.

You might want to combine that with some sort of positive feedback, to indicate that the request has been received. Make has recently added a LiFX app that works with LiFX WiFi light bulbs - so you could trigger a bulb to flash or change color to confirm.


Wow David,

Thanks for this complete answer !

I will try the simpliest setup as possible with the Shelly button, it looks good for my needs :slight_smile:

Have a nice day !


If you have a Wear OS watch, it’s also possible to set up a virtual button on your watch using Bubble Cloud Wear OS Launcher.

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Sorry to jump in but really interesting conversation.

David, can you use this without any other Shelly gear? Simply tie the button to your WiFi and then any URL?


Yes indeed. Check the manual at the link above. You can set up the Shelly Button 1 using its own web interface, or a mobile app.


Cool, thanks David, that’s great

@alternaz @mdb213 Heads-up … I was looking into using one of these myself as well, and it seems that there is a problem.

The Shelly Gen1 devices (of which the Button is one) can only send an action to an HTTP endpoint, not an HTTPS endpoint.

Make (like almost every other service on the internet) will only accept HTTPS, for security reasons.

Which means that the Shelly Button can only call Make webhooks through some intermediary on your local network - which kind of defeats the object.

I’m awaiting confirmation on this from Shelly.

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If you are Apple user try any HomeKit-button. You can assign it to Home automation which triggers Siri Shortcut. Endless possibilities to vary output.

Hi David

Any reponse from them on this?


Hi Mike.

Yes, they’ve confirmed that the Shelly Button is one of their Gen1 devices and so doesn’t support HTTPS. There’s no word on whether they’re planning a Gen2 version (which would support HTTPS).

I’ve not been able to find any physical hub-less button (at a reasonable price) that does work with HTTPS :anguished:


Thanks David

Wow! Chocolate teapot springs to mind

You could also setup some kind of physical device with Node-RED. It’s a pretty cool automation / integration software and allows to setup an HTTP endpoint, then send it further towards HTTPS.

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