Webhooks are slow for some reason


In my scenario I have a webhook that takes +3 seconds to receive 400B of data. Why is this?
I’m currently in the Core plan, if I move to the Pro will it solve it?

I need to acknowledge the request under 3 seconds, but sometimes I’m unable to.

In this example it took 5 seconds.


Hello @eliassilva,

I can’t speak much to this, but I really don’t think changing to another plan will help this issue.

I am very curious, though, to know what service requires a response in under 3 seconds.
Why can’t you extend the response time requirement with that service?

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Hi @Donald_Mitchell!

I thought it might be helpful since the PRO plan offers priority execution. Maybe?
The service that requires a response within 3 seconds is Slack: Slack API – Acknowledgment response

I’m building a complex bot that handles interactions with multiple users and sends them actions and buttons to interact with.

Interesting…maybe you can find a service that can receive the event, respond quickly, then forward the payload to your Make webhook for all the subsequent processing?