What do I enter in these settings to render the image in the placeholder shown here | Gravity + Integromat

I am having trouble getting an image to load to a google slide using the webhook addon.

Here is what is happening.

I was able to get a suggestion from the facebook group, and the video they shared this process worked. But they did not elaborate on what is in this loom video.

I only need this one step for the image of the signature.

Do you have any suggestions after watching the video? Thank you

Hi Elizabeth - lets see if we can help you out a little.

The quick answer to your issue is that you need the full path to your image. Determine where Gravity forms stores the image then you can create a path to image and use that to insert the image.

The long answer below will give you a tonne of info and help you to understand what is happening so you will be able to get this working flawlessly

I noticed something in your video that might be causing a little confusion. It looks like you are using both the WebHooks module AND the Gravity Forms Module. You should use one or the other - otherwise, your head might explode… which is what is suspect is happening. Here’s how i would do it…

As a brief aside… whenever I create a form in WordPress now I only send the entry to Make and let Make handle everything. I don’t send emails or anything from the web form - I send the info to Make and then create scenarios in Make for the desired actions. It makes it so much easier and you you can achieve anything you want with the form submission without the complexities of the WP Form Component. It also means you don’t need to pay exorbitant fees for complex forms.

OK back to your problem… I would start by making a new test scenario using a test form so you don’t break anything you have created already. In the new scenario…

  1. Create a new Make webhook (we’re not going to use gravity forms) and get the address.
  2. Replicate your existing form and use that to test this process.
  3. In your test form configuration:
  • add the new webhook address
  • set the request method to POST (you are posting the info to Make)
  • Keep the request headers Blank (we are trying to simplify it as much as possible)
  • Set the request body to ALL FIELDS.
  1. Save the form, open it in the browser, complete the form with test info but DO NOT Submit the form.
  2. Go back to Make, and look at the properties of the webhook. Click “Redetermine Data Structure.”
  3. Return to your Test form and Submit the info.

Now when you go back to Make the webhook will contain the data from the form and all the individual fields. You can now use those fields when building the rest of the scenario. It will come together really quickly and easily. It will also show you the format of the signature file - if it is a name determine where GForms stores submitted images/signatures and create a path.

Let’s stop there - go and try that, come back and let me know if you have problems. The videos are really helpful so if you encounter any errors just take a quick video and we’ll get you sorted.


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Thank you Iain,

I got this far.

Morning Elizabeth - you have done everything correctly… i should have included a step 7 above. The data structure is now in the webhook so if you add another module you will see the fields available in the next module so you can drop them in and build the scenario quickly. If you want to see the actual data in the webhoook you can right click the webhook and select “run this module only”. Resubmit your form and then return to Make - there will be a small bubble top right of the webhook module with “1” inside (signifying it has received 1 entry). Click on that bubble and it will show you all the data it has received. Let me know the format of the signature. I the mean time though, go ahead and start building out your scenario.

As always - any questions, just let me know.


Thank you so much for your help with this Iain.

I’m stuck on this. See attached screenshot.
The only field id that I know is the one with the signature. The rest I have no idea what they are. How can I see the field name I gave them when I set up the form?

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Hey Elizabeth

You’re doing really well. I appreciate this is a little frustrating but stick with it because at the end of this exercise, you will be able to achieve so much!!!

On the webhook module, right-click and then select “Run this module only”. then go back and submit the test form again. When you return you will the bubble above the webhook showing you the information that was sent. If it is not there you will need to check if the webhook address is correct.

With the form, you will need to name your fields so you have a clear indication of what they are they. When you name the fields the names will come through instead of the field id which is what you are getting by default. Look for something like field id, field name or admin name. you might want to test it with 1 field to find out which field you need

To protect your sanity, you may want to create a test form with just 2 or fields. Another option is to check if GF has a “resubmit” option - that will allow you to resubmit an existing form without having to fill it all in again.

let me know how you get on


Thank you again for the replies and guidance.

2 things here:

  1. You can see the field names in the Gravity form tab on the right of it. They have always been there. But if you look at the right side of the screenshot they don’t show up in the webhook module.

  2. I also don’t see a signature url for the image of the signature, which has been my main issue.

2a) I have been able to (using gravity form modules) get all the fields loaded to the Google slide (field names were visible) except when it came to the signature it only shows the image file name not the image in the designated place holder.

Thank you for any followup suggestions.


Hi Liz

GF is sending the ID not the name. You should be able to change either the id or another property within the field that will allow you to identify the field.

Signature - your main point - you have a file name so just find out where GF stores that signature and prepend the path to the signature field. You want something that looks like
instead of “filename.png” insert the signature field in Make.

Hope that makes sense.

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