What does this error mean? "Module references non-existing module '1'."

I find it really odd that I can’t find a definition for this error anywhere in the Make help center, or in the forums. Usually software companies try to have a glossary of error descriptions. It would save users a lot of time. Anyway, what is the following error? It doesn’t make sense to me because the Module does NOT reference a “non-existent” module. The module is directly connected to an RSS feed module.

“Module references non-existing module ‘1’.”

That error would suggest that you still reference the first module you made in the scenario, that you deleted later. check all variables on your modules to make sure you didnt accidentally leave one behind. when changing out modules.

Yes, I did delete the original module, but why does that matter? I deleted it, and created a new model, because Make wouldn’t allow me to edit the original module. So I had to delete it and make a new one and connect it to the other two modules. So, how do I fix this problem without having to create a whole new scenario?

Would it be possible for you to screenshot the configuration of each module for me?
Starting with the text parser and telegram bot.

I don’t know what you mean. Make sure I didn’t leave a variable behind? I don’t know if I’m leaving a variable behind. I’m not even sure what that means.

I just sent a screen shot of the text parser module. Here’s the telegram bot module.

This is referencing the “url” output from the deleted module #1

:information_source: Note: black colored variables are usually a warning that make cant find the module its looking for.
transparent (white with a border) means make cant find it now, but might be able to find it when the data updates.

But why is it still referencing the URL output from the deleted module? Why doesn’t it just look for the URL output being fed to it by the module connected to it? Haha.

Anyway, thank you for your help. That fixed it. Seems like they should change it to reference the connected module, but I’m guessing their code is setup to pull from a specific module ID or something. Once deleted it continues to look for the original module. This means if you have a several modules setup you have to go edit each module to connect it to the previous modules. Lot of extra work.

Thanks though.

Unfortunately the whole scenario is still not working. It runs successfully but the URLs never get sent to me YouTube bot, or channel. I don’t know why. I followed the tutorial for setting this up exactly.

It looks like the Telegram Bot module isn’t working

Which Template are you using,
can you link it here for me
along with the link the RSS feed you are would like to extract URLs from.

I can write you a more in depth step by step guide. with explanations on why each thing is required if you would like xD

I don’t think I’m using a “template.” I just chose 3 modules. It takes an RSS feed, then parses it and grabs a URL, then is supposed to pass that URL to a telegram bot which posts it in my channel. I can send you the link to my scenario: https://us1.make.com/69527/scenarios/add

The RSS is actually not an RSS, its a YouTube channel. But it seems to work fine, because the Parser is correctly grabbing the URLs: Fox News

I’ve added an image showing the parser is correctly grabbing the YouTube video URLs. So that part seems to be working just fine.

I’m basically just testing the ability to grab YouTube video urls and send them to telegram. PS. I know there are other ways to do this, but I’m testing this particular way of doing it on purpose.

Did you have any ideas?

Never mind, I figured it out.