What is Make capable of?

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I am brand new to Make but have been using UIPATH in the past. I understand they are completely different products but curious if I can perform the following task here or continue using UIPATH.

Step 1) I need to read a url from a cell in a google sheet
Step 2) Open the URL and extract information from the web page including images and put into another sheet
Step 3) Read that new sheet with the new information taken from the webpage and create copy using chatgpt
Step 4) Post new copy to facebook page with images from the original webpage

Hopefully that makes sense. It is possible in Make?

Technically this is possible to do via Make.

  1. You can use Google Sheet Module to Search for the URL in the Google Sheet or Use Watch New Rows module to fetch the URL whenever there is data in the module. Or, Use Direct API to do this.
  2. Use the HTTP module in Make to Extract the Content of Webpage based on the URL obtained from Google Sheets.
  3. After which, you can use Text Parser, HTML related module to grab the data that you are getting from the URL
  4. Write the result to new Spreadsheet/Sheet as required
  5. Connect with ChatGPT
  6. Post the data back to facebook

What Make.com excels is at leveraging various app/module that has been prebuilt and also connecting with platforms that has API support which can be quickly integrated to achieve various automation needs.

Having said, this Yeah, everything that you have mentioned is achievable through Make.com but it is not built to perform the scraping that you want to do in Step 2. As I said that you can certainly do it(with a bit of restriction), but the best suggestion that I can give you is to have another system(you can browse Make.com available apps for this) or have custom code that will do the scraping for you and you an connect it to Make to do the rest.

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Thanks very much fro taking the time to reply

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