What is the best way to practice/get better using Make?

Anyone have any suggestions for how to practice and get better using make? the options of using make are virtually endless which also makes it difficult to know were to start. I’d like to eventually start freelance automating for small companies (likely focusing on data entry/manipulation/funneling) but want to get a good amount of practice in first of course. Any recommendations for training courses or tips are greatly appreciated!

Reading the documentation is a great place to start. And there are some tutorials linked from that thread too.

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Definitely best way to learn is to have a play. Keep it really simple to start with. Here a few recent posts that might provide a little insipration…

A few Ideas of things to do with Make: From fun to business idea. Does anyone do this? Automation side business - #2 by IainM

Various Tutorial Resources: Does Make Have Step-by-Step Video Tutorials? (for inspiration)

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I would say start with a specific project you have in mind and go from there.

Make is pretty much visual development. After so many videos you wont retain anything you don’t personally execute, and you may waste time on concepts you simply never use and again, wont remember when its time.

After your first project you can explore deeper topics briefly to understand whats possible and then, do another project. Things will start to connect.

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