What should we put in 'Ad Creative JSON' in 'Facebook Ads Campaign Management' app?

We are trying to build scenario using ‘Facebook Ads Campaign Management’ app > ‘Update an Ad’.

To update an ad, we want to ‘create a new Ad Creative’ using ‘Ad Creative JSON’.

What should we put in ‘Ad Creative JSON’?

For example, we put JSON as following image, but it did not change anything.

“object_story_spec”: {
“page_id”: “12345”,
“instagram_actor_id”: “12345”,
“link_data”: {
“link”: “http://example.team/”,
“message”: “example”,
“name”: “example”,
“attachment_style”: “link”,
“image_hash”: “12345”,
“call_to_action”: {
“type”: “LEARN_MORE”

hey @eunsol ,

Did you check the response after running the request?
You can right-click the module and select ‘Run this module only’, and then see what the response states.

Also, I see that the linked document ‘Ad Creative specification’ doesn’t have a reference of the JSON format, so it’d probably be best to convert the cURL example to JSON so you have the correct schema & properties.
There are online tools to do this conversion

You could also first get an existing Ad from your account, then use that response as the base to create the correct payload for creating an ad.

And, whenever you’re creating a JSON payload it’s always best to validate that it’s correct too.

There might be errors in your JSON, as I see numbers sent as strings “12345”.
But! This depends on the property spec, so best to clarify that first :slightly_smiling_face:

hope that helps!

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Thank you so much @aidy for your reply.

I did check the response after running the request, and I see input metric shows what I intended.

And to make sure I am putting the right JSON format,
I checked my JSON string using Meta for Developers > Graph API explorer.
When I use Graph API ‘POST’ function, the same JSON string works properly.

hey @eunsol

If the required payload schema/properties are used, then I’m not sure why it’s not working for you… :thinking:

have you had any progress since, or still facing the same issue(s)?

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hi @aidy,

Still facing the same issue :smiling_face_with_tear:

I’m trying to find other ways to make this work, probably working with other apps or modules other than the facebook ads campaign management.