When form is verified, send email notification

When this form is verified, I want to receive a notification via email, but when I tried it, I was receiving many notifications in the same second. I only want one notification. Please explain with pictures because I am new here.

Hi @mado_elmasry

I suggest you attempt with a results limit set to one.

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Every result (item/record) from a search module will output a bundle. To “combine” them into a single structure, you’ll need to use an aggregator of some sort.

Aggregators are modules that accumulate multiple bundles into one single bundle. An example of a commonly-used aggregator module is the Array aggregator module.

I know that I should use it, but I always get an error, so can you send a picture with the contents that I should use in this tool?


can you explain a more please , which form and which conditions ,thank you

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The conditions are in the picture. The form is about monitoring the last 30 seconds. If I receive 3 messages in the last 30 seconds on my Gmail account, this is the form. When I implement the form, I want to receive a notification via email, but when I do that, it sends a lot of notifications in the same second.


Ok then use the array aggregrator after the Gmail serach step.
After that send a mail to yourself and put a filter in between.
Array length should be greater than 3.

In that case it will combine all email into array and check if its more then 3 send a mail.
It will be a single e mail to you

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Can you explain this with a picture as I am new here?

Hello @mado_elmasry

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Well, all I want is some help because for 4 days I have been trying to create this model, but at every step I face some problems.

@Michaela @samliew

can you share you blueprint json here , thank you


blueprint.json (20.3 KB)
Just what I want when I receive 3 messages in the last 30 seconds on Gmail. When this form is checked, I want to receive a notification on another email. I select it.

Please on array part check this , you have to choose some record on which it combine the results

then in the filter I check you have nothing in the filter side , please set this filter too

see the image :

thank you

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blueprint (1).json (20.5 KB)

This is what I came up with, but it does not work. If i specify an array length greater than 3, I do not receive notifications at all. If i specify it to be greater than 2 or equal to 3, a notification is sent for every email message I receive on Gmail. I want to receive a notification when I receive 3 messages on Gmail in the last 30 Second, this is what I want
@samliew @CodexSolutions

Receive by whom?? Or is it open. So when this webhook trigger you want to check if there is 3 email after this webhook trigger. Then you want to send

the idea I want is: I have a Gmail account, okay? I want a form to monitor the last 30 seconds. If I receive 3 messages during the last 30 seconds, I want to receive a notification on an email that I specify, so what should I do?

you want a form ? or you want a sceanrio in make?? that look for your gmail account and if there is 3 emails in 30 sec you want to get notification on other email

Yes, this is what I want. I want a scenario that does that, so what should I do? Because I tried, but I could not

Thank you for the clarification.

Your first step should be watch email not webhook and you can setup the limit of 3 in that but the minimum time you can set is 1 min not 30 sec.
Watch emails > array aggregrator condition filter and send mail.
Thank you


Can you explain with pictures? + If I cannot set the time to 30 seconds, can I make it every minute but at the beginning of every minute? Monitoring the minute from beginning to end. If the minute ends, it starts again. For example, I received two messages at minute 2:30, and the third message arrived at minute 2:31. It is not counted because the third message arrived at a new minute.