Where did comment/notes go?

I remember in integromat there was a place i could write comments and notes describing the scnearion and useful related info.

I think it used to be on the righ click menu in the scenario editor.

I dont see it there in make - but thankfully there is a total useless “let it snow” function

can somone confirm it doesnt exist, or if it does, where I can find it?

Yes it is there. Right click on any of the bubble shapes in your scenario and there is an option that says add note. When there are notes All the notes could be browsed by the note icon at the bottom of scenario which will have a purple circle on the icon when there are notes.

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many thanks - bubble shape = module. So i cant just add notes to the whole scenario, i have to add a note to a module - not brilliant but at least i can add some notes!

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