A request to Make.... 🥹 [Feature Request: Notes Icon on Modules]

Please add an icon/notification or something to each module whenever we add a note to it. Having to keep up and remember why something was set up in a specific manner is tough. Obviously good documentation is key but sometimes a small hint is all you need to avoid a lot of mistakes or pain. The notes feature in the scenario is a good idea but it’s not obvious enough when there are notes actually in the scenario.


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This maybe is one approach but there is a notes feature already.

I really like how n8n annotates their workflows. Sticky notes could be a lot more illustrative and also more flexible.

Heya @johnematias thanks a lot for sharing the idea with the community!

What @alex.newpath is saying is true - there is, indeed, a ‘notes’ feature in Make. If that’s not really what you’re looking for, I’d suggest that you log your feedback to our Idea Exchange space. That’s where it can have the biggest impact :slight_smile:

Chiming in (1 month later :roll_eyes:) to echo @johnematias 's comments!

I had assumed that John was aware of the existing Notes implementation (since he had to create a note to get the icon), and this was more of a request to improve the usability of an existing feature.
IMO, the current Notes implementation is … a solid 5/10. Maybe a 6/10 if you can get everyone trained to use it, and trained to instinctively check for notes if you’re trying to understand a scenario.

John’s request (much like comments in code) is something you don’t have to train yourself to look for. With comments, you can’t not look at them, and I think John’s icon does the same thing.

And as per folks’ suggestions, I’ve added my +1 to several of the existing suggestions for this.

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Thanks for commenting on this one @Pat_Martinson. I thought I was going a little crazy since no one seemed to really understand my suggestion. :sweat_smile:

I’ve also did the +1 on those suggestions too! Thanks for sharing that link.

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