Why do I see 'Invalid inputs' in Airtable trigger module?

I have a Make scenario that triggers when a new record enters an Airtable view. My Airtable view filter relies on time-based selection rather than a specific change to the record values.

The Make scenario operates on a timer, and I expect it to process any records in that view according to its schedule.

But it does not keep up with the new records entering the view - so I get a backlog of records that have not been processed sitting in that view.

When I manually trigger the scenario to run, I get this error:

* 1:38 PM Preparing scenario for running.
* 1:38 PM Requesting execution.
* 1:38 PM Invalid Inputs

However, if I reset the ‘Choose where to start’ item in the Airtable trigger module to ‘All’ then the scenario works as expected for a while before it falls behind the view again.

I do have both Trigger Field and Label Field configured for this Make scenario - Trigger Field is using a ‘last modifed’ formula field in my Airtable.

How can I ensure that my Make trigger module correctly recognises and processes all the records that qualify to appear in that Airtable view?

This may be your current session is out of date. Save your scenario and then reload Make in your Browser.

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