Airtable Module "watch records"

Hi from France,
first scenario in Make, first newbie problem :wink:
In the Airtable module “watch records” I selected a trigger field named “date creation” which is a Created Date field.
When I click on the Run Once button, i get this error on the Airtable module : “The formula for filtering records is invalid: Unknown field names: fldxvjlh2pjelj78q”: this is the id of the Created Date field.
I guess i did wrong somehow, but i don’t know what, thanks for your help!

Hi @Vincent_Pelletier, do you have a formula in the Formula field of the module? Make sure to check for any inadvertent spaces in there too if you meant to leave that blank!

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Also, make sure your field name is still the same. Typically you get that error if you have a field name in the module but it’s not the same as the field name on the table

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Hi, @datalytyks,

thanks for helping.
First, i made a mistake in my post: my “date creation” field in Airtable was a “Created time” field, not a “Created Date” (that’s not a type of field in Airtable).
The solution, given by the Make support, was to rename my “Created time” field as is (a “Created time” field named “Created Time”).
It seems we can’t name those fields as we see fit if we want to be able to use them in the “Watch records” module of Airtable.