Airtable "Trigger Field"

Hi. I can’t get set up with Make because the trigger field won’t select a field from my Airtable base. Occasionally, Make has let me select a field labeled “Created,” which I assume is referring to the Created Time or Last Modified Time field I labeled on the Airtable base(a Timestamp from Google Form/Sheet, eg. 4/1/2022 16:38:39).

The airtable data is imported from another Google Sheet, which uses an =imported range function. I am trying to get Make to recognize the “timestamp.”

Any ideas on how to get make to use the Timestamp data from the Google Sheet, either from Airtable or directly from Google Sheets?

Hi @educate_globally , it looks like you are using data field type as “date”, not “created time” or “modified time”.
Could you double check again & edit your Airtable base, then reload the modules on Make.