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I want to create a scenario between Airtable and For that scenario, firstly I created Airtable(watch records), and then I created data thing). When I change something on Airtable, I would like to update it on When I run this scenario, all data on Airtable transfer to However, when a change is made to the existing data, this change does not happen in considering assigning a unique key. It creates a new row directly. How can I solve this problem and what part could I be doing wrong?
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Hi Hazal, welcome to the Make community. Thanks for your post – I think can help point you in the right direction.

In the Airtable Module, you will notice a section called “Trigger Configuration”. Here, you’ll want to make sure you’ve set the “Trigger field” as “Last Modified”. If you don’t see “Last Modified” as an option, then you’ll need to take a look at the setup of that table within Airtable. Although Airtable tracks the last modified date for all records, it doesn’t automatically add that field to the table until you do so. Simply open the table, click to add a new field and select “Last Modified Time”. Once you do so, you can return to the Airtable module configuration in Make and setup the trigger field.

Let us know if that helps. Cheers.

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Hi dear Patterson,
Thanks for getting back to me. I added the modified time as the new field and set up the trigger field. However, I keep facing the same problem. Is there any other way to solve this?

Is last_modified-time a real field on your base? And is it updated on every modification? (Sometimes we name a field a certain way but don’t bind the event). Just checking basic issues, because often that’s where the detail that hides the devil lies.

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Thank you again. I controlled the modified time. When I change something, the modified time has also changed, so it is a real field on my base.

Hi Hazal, that is quite strange. I’ve confirmed this all works as expected when I try it out. I assume you are changing a field in the airtable record, confirming that the last_modified-time field is gettin updated…and then click “run once” again on the scenario?

If you are doing all those things, it might be best to submit a support ticket to get a bit more hands-on approach.

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Hi Dear Patterson,
I made everything again, and I changed them a bit. Now, it works, and all my data is created and updated. Thanks for your help.

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