🤖 Why is my Make scenario not running at scheduled time?

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My scenario is supposed to run every day at 9:30, but for some reason, it’s not working.

I made sure to save and activate the scenario, and I double-checked that the time is correctly set. I also tried to activate the scenario every day of the week at that time, but no luck.

How can I get the scenario to run as intended?

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If you’re using the “Watch” module, your scenario will only run if there is new data in your sheet since the last run. It won’t move forward if there is no new data. This is called a polling trigger.

If you want your scenario to run as soon as new data enters the sheet, you should use an instant trigger.

Triggers in a nutshell:

:zap: Instant triggers give immediate notifications for changes and are represented by a lightning icon
:clock1: Polling triggers regularly check for changes since the last run and are represented by a clock icon

polling trigger

instant trigger

Helpful Resources

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