Why is there not an autosave feature or mode? and it times out and erases edits!

From working with Airtable and Zapier that autosave all edits and changes, using Make is oddly old school in requiring me to save after edits. So, I made a ton of edits and then came back to my computer the next morning, it asks if I want to save or discard changes, THEN it times out and erases all of them!! I mean if you are going to require saving, just let me stay logged in!!! Why not just have an autosave feature?

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That’s a great idea! I’m sure others would agree that this is a nice feature to have.

You can submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under Platform ideas and improvements.

Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.

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I just wanted to echo this as feedback. I think as a new user you’re a clean slate, using the service for the first time. More than once I went away came back and couldn’t work out where my stuff had gone. I think most services of this nature autosave as you guy. So it’s a habit that gets picked up. The save button is quite non descript and there’s no way to see you haven’t saved either.


I thought I’d just adapt after a few days of use but I’m back again to find I’ve lost work, which I assume is I didn’t click the tiny save button at the bottom.

Please add some form of autosave, a big YOUR WORK ISN’T SAVED on the screen - or a warning if trying to close the browser that work isn’t saved! It’s very unusual these days to not have something like this. I’m not saying what is right or wrong, just that services get us used to this, so it’s hard to think to manually save!

Hi @Antony,

I agree with your feedback, this is a win and must be implemented. However, you should receive a browser notification that there is unsaved work if you try to close the tab.

As I also lost my progress more than once, I created a habit of saving the scenario after each impactful change with the following hotkey:

Win: Ctrl+S

Mac: ⌘+S

Save, Run, Repeat. :v: