Wix "Get contact" and "List contacts" modules returning 404 error

I have several Make scenarios that include and rely on the Wix “Get a contact” module, and a few weeks ago that module starting throwing a 404 error on every use (same with the “List contacts” module). I have contacted both Make and Wix, both of whom say it’s the other’s problem.

I’ve checked my developer permissions in Wix, refreshed my Wix connection in Make, attempted to query contacts via API call instead (also returns a 404 error), and attempted to build workaround scenarios…but always get stuck at the 404. I’ve even experimented with Zapier to see if that could replace Make for these tasks, but it can’t.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is there perhaps a setting or workaround I can use or change?

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I have the exact same issue. Its creating errors for me since July 15th.

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Same date of occurence and same issues. Really annoing.

Make’s support is still looking into the issue, but they built a “Make an API call” module for me as a workaround…it uses a large amount of operations, but it’s doing the job. I’ve attached a screenshot of the module settings. My scenario is triggered by a webhook automation from Wix set to fire when a contact is updated (which is then run through a json parser module), and this API call module references the entityID sent via that webhook.