Woocommerce product category with google sheet


I am trying to add a new product on woocommerce each time a new raw is added to google sheet.

It’s working well, except ‘product category’, that is also mapped to the sheet.

A product category would be “baby” on my website, it’s ID would be 153.

How can I make integromate to get the category written on google sheet ?

Thanks for your help !

Hey @mimi,

One solution to this is to set up a switch such that every human readable category gets turned into an ID. So as an input, you use the category row in Google Sheets. You manually enter each case (so category name - ID pair). Then, you map the result of the Switch module to the category field in WooCommerce.

Hope this was helpful!

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Thanks for your answer.

For anyone else looking for a solution, it’s also working with a =Index formula on google sheet.

You’ll need to add more arrays in order to have more than one category:

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