Woocommerce product, multiple categories

Hello, newbie here:

I have a list of products and categories in Airtable. When i create a new category in Airtable, Make send it to Woocommerce, then send back the Woocommerce category ID to the category item in Airtable. Then I create a product in Airtable and select the categories from references fields.

My issue is: Not able to find the Make formula to put the product in multiple categories. When i select the categories from the dropdown in Make, every works fine, but when I map the categories, it seems that i’m not able to put each categories in a collection in Make output. I’m not sure if i explain myself well, i’m new to Make and still learning.

Anyone could give me a clue about what formula should be use in order to put a product in multiple categories in Woocommerce?

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

If you find the solution, I’d be happy if you share it…

I have the same problem with tags and categories, I created a column with tag IDs and one with Category IDs…

Everything works if I only have one value in this Airtable column, but if I want to put several, it gets stuck…

Did you manage to import your product photos from airtable to Woocommerce? I also have an error on this point…

Thanks in advance

Salut Marc!
Make got back to me and shared a solution that worked like a charm for me. Here is a screenshot of the solution. Basically, you need to map using this formula:

add( emptyarray; category 1 id; category 2 id; category 3 id )

But since you are using multiple categories in the same columns, this solution won’t work. I think you might need to add an “Iterator” between your Airtable and Woocommerce so you can split the values of the columns? Or maybe you could split your Airtable columns into something like “Category 1” “Category 2” and “Category 3”?

I haven’t try the photo upload yet, will try today and comeback here if anything happen :slight_smile:

Heya @Francois_Lemieux :wave:

Thanks so much for jumping back in here and for haring the solution you got from the support team with us! It’s fantastic to hear that it did the trick for you :nerd_face:

Just FYI: Since your last reply contains the answer to the original question, I am marking it as a solution to keep the community tidy :white_check_mark: :broom: