Woocommerce stock update from a Google Sheets spreadsheet


I’m trying to see if I can update my Woocommerce products stock levels from a google sheets spreadsheet.

I have multiple suppliers that I can get their stock levels from via an automated download to a .csv and others are more manual.

I was therefore looking to integrate them into a google worksheet and look to update changes.

I am thinking a simple spreadsheet to look like this will list all the stock:

and then use a Google worksheets change detection module.

How do I then choose the SKU for the changed stock value?

I will need to this then add a woocommerce product update using the SKU as the identifier I assume?

We sell a limited number of SKU’s from the suppliers stock lists that I need to check, so perhaps I run a comparison of 2 excel .csv’s for the required stock items by SKU and when I find a change then action the stock update.

I would also need to get an email if a supplier stock level goes below a set trigger of perhaps 5.

I’m sorry this is so basic - I’m currently just not clear where to start. If anyone can give me a pointer would be graet thanks.