Woocommerce Webhook Payload not making its way into Make

Objective: to pass woocommerce webhook payload data into Make:

  • I have added an additional Woocommerce plugin (bookings plugin) additional to the standard woocommerce plugin. Creating a Webhook on order created for the standard Woocommerce items and linking to Make is simple as it is all standardised in Woocommerce and Make and works perfectly, however with the bookings module, this doesnt automatically have all the standardised information that can just be selected, there are additional information that this booking module creates, that i want to get into Make. I have managed to get the webhook to fire with the correct infromation i need, but i can’t get this into Make (ie, logs show that info I need is in the payload)

  • The webhook is giving me a 200 response, so looks like that is working fine, but i can’t find / set up make to get the information.

  • Essentially this is the new information in the payload, but I have no idea how to get Make to pick it up: "order_id":3964,"booking_ids":[3963],"bookings":[{"product":3826,"start_date":1715126400,"end_date":1715212799,"dateCompleted":1715212799,"person_counts":{"3827":3}}]}

  • I suspect it has to be encoded to Json, but i have no idea how to do that, as all the output that works fine is all before: \/wp-json\/wc\/v3\/orders"}]}

edit: seems like Make wants to accept Json response, so this has to be Json, still seem to have an issue with the additional payload data coming in after: \/wp-json\/wc\/v3\/orders"}]} in the log - not sure how to fix this. I am not a programmer / technical at all, so any laymans explanations is helpful.

Hello @A1,

If your scenario starts with a Webhook, you can try right-clicking on it, select Settings, then select the purple button “Redetermine Data Structure”.
The webhook will wait for another call to it.
You should initiate that action on the Woocommerce side.
Once the Make Webhook receives that data it will rework the data structure according to how the new payload is structured.