Wordpress - Add more than one category

Hello team and community.

I have a little problem with my wordpress automation.

As soon as I want to create an article automatically on wordpress. I want to add 2 categories. A parent category and a child category.

However, when publishing, only the child category is linked to the article.

I’ve tried adding the 2 categories directly to the input, but it doesn’t work.

Par ailleurs lors de la création de la catégorie “enfant”, je précise la catégorie parente :

Thx for you help if you already have this problem.


According to the Wordpress API for Create a Post, it needs to be an array.


When you are using “Map” for a field, you are responsible for ensuring the value is exactly as required. However, the Wordpress API documentation doesn’t tell you that you can also pass a comma-separated text string of category IDs:


So all you need to do is put a comma in-between them



Hello Samliew,

I do this too but not working and “;” also :frowning: Sorry i miss communication.

Hmm. Weird, try sending an actual array then. You’ll need to use the add() built-in function with the first item as emptyarray:



Works very well :smiley: really thanks buddy !

No problem, glad I could help!

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