WordPress and Modern Events Calendar Search

I am running a make.com scenario where I look a few days ahead for a future event. The event is in WordPress by using Modern Events Calendar (Lite) plugin.

There are now a few hundred events in WordPress but to find an event let’s say 10 days ahead of TODAY (now) seems not to work.

In the WordPress APP there I can select “Events”.

And then you see the options “Before date” and “After date”.
When I add a before date then indeed I get output but it is always the latest or the first depending on the sorting order.

However, if I am using “After date”, the output is always 0.

I can empty before date and only use after date, the output is 0.
I can at the after date using {{addDays(now; 10)}} then then the output is 0.

Basically, what I am looking for is the events on x days from now.

I can export from WordPress to Google Calendar and search using Google Calendar App (now + 10 days) and get the result but I need the Event URL and Google does not use that.
I have tried HTTP and read the iCal feed but that will become pretty big overtime so will costs a lot of data therefore the search directly in WordPress would be the best solution.

So, the question is why the After Date is not working where Before Date is working.

I solved the problem although it is not the most elegant solution. Basically, all events are uploaded from WordPress to Google Calendar which is a manual task within WordPress, then one event out of many (random) is selected that occurs on a certain day. From this I have the title which I can use to search in WordPress to get the Source URL. Then I have all the data I need and can use ChatGPT to create all kind of text and images upload to social media with a link back to the website. Images are renamed ro event-name.JPEG. For now it just send the email but this will be great to upload to social media.
Next will be to add Canva in the chain…

In short, I just love make.com.


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Great first question and answer! I’m glad you managed to figure it out, and thanks for sharing your solution with us.

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A solution yes, but that does not solve the issue about searching in WordPress Events on “After Date” but perhaps it is better to use Google Calendar so I can use the Events for other APPS as well.