Wordpress Create a Media Item Removes html when uploading to Wordpress

I am using the Wordpress create a media item to upload images to Wordpress. I want to generate a caption for each image that has an embedded link. In the wordpress media library, you would normally add html < a > tags in the caption box to do this but when I try to get the create a media item module to enter this html in the caption field, it removes the html. Is there a way of ending up with the html in the caption field on Wordpress that I’m missing?

Ignore the quotation marks on Etsy - that was from a different attempt!

Many thanks.

Can you provide a link to the WordPress API documentation for “Create a media item” that says HTML format is accepted in the caption field?

If not, that means only plain text is supported.


Thanks for your reply. I was hoping there was a work around. No worries.

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