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I’m having an issue updating custom taxonomies in my scenarios.
Under advanced settings and Meta data I am entering the custom taxonomy and the value I would like, however it is not updating. I have tried using the exact name as well as Wordpress ID #.
For the areas where it allows normal text it works great, however I can not update the Taxonomies.
Attached are screens from the plugin and my attempt:
Wordpress Custom Taxanomies

Thank you in advance for any help!

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The issue is because the value field is a boolean field and is expected in either 0 or 1 and you are putting 428.

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Manish Mandot

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Thanks for replying, Manish!
I believe that is only for boolean data types, I have 10 other fields that are working correctly that also say that below them as a hint.
Do you have any other guesses on how I can attempt to load this field?
Thanks again for your help!

The taxonomies are checkboxes and will support the boolean values 0 or 1

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Ok, thank you for the reply again!
I’m still not understanding, so for the lisivo_31179 taxonomy, it represents Listing Type and right now the 3 Types I created is Garage Sale, Flea Market, and Online Sale.
For example, how would I load Garage Sale and Online Sale as Type for this post?

@Eric_Truyman There is - currently - no way to assign a term from a Custom Taxonomy within the Create a Post module.

This is a WordPress.org limitation, not a Make one. The problem is that the WordPress.org REST API doesn’t provide any mechanism for doing this. Their concept seems to be that Custom Taxonomy terms are set only within the post editor UI manually, not through automation.

If it’s possible to reorganize your content to use categories and tags instead, then you can set those using the Create a Post module.

We’re researching whether it would be possible to extend the Make plugin for WordPress to support assigning Custom Taxonomy terms in Create a Post - but this is unlikely to happen fast, so in all likelihood won’t provide a solution in the timeframe you need.

[NB - If you’re hosted on WordPress.com, that also offers its own API which does include an option to create posts with Custom Taxonomy terms. Make doesn’t use the WordPress.com API in the WordPress App, so you’d need to use the HTTP App with the Make an Oauth 2.0 request module to do that]


Thank you so much, David!