Wordpress - tag or category error - [400] Invalid parameter(s): tags (rest_invalid_param)

Hi I am having the same problem as in WooCommerce - tag or category error - [400] Invalid parameter(s): tags (rest_invalid_param)

How do i use multiple tags when creating a post?

I have the values in individual cells 170 279 348 and i have also joined them to input 170,279,348 Neither work mapping them from individual cells or from a joined cell when creating a post.
As in that post I have tried all ways round to do this. It just wont get multiple tags in the created post. You can get one in, anything else results in an error.

In that link the person said they used split to solve this. How do I do this please?
What is the actual input it needs?

This is insanely difficult just to input tags - it would be helpful to change the wordpress modules so its an easy input - i.e. tags & categories suffer this - the logic & amount of modules to search & transform to get tags into “create wordpress post” is bonkers.

Hi @user8384848

Hi to solve this issue, please toggle the tag field and identify the structure and input the data accordingly to the field.

In the Tag field accept array values.170 279 348 to make a array form you can use {{split(“170 279 348”; space)}} function, this will result array with the values.

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thanks what module do i need to use to do “{{split(“170 279 348”; space)}}”

How would i do that?

ok i managed to get it going using split.

It would be helpful for make to create the wordpress modules with this in mind for tags and categories. They need a lot of simplifying to make this less painful.