X-WSSE auth


I want to make an API request, but I’m stuck with the header. I need to make it structured like this:


I don’t understand how/where to specify “X-WSSE: UsernameToken” in the header, I found documentation for all sorts of programming languages but I don’t understand how to do it in the HTTP request module.


Ok, I figured that I need 1 header with the name: “X-WSSE”

So, that works!

Next issue, for each request I need a new “Nonce”, is there a way to get a unique Nonce for each scenario run?

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Looks like Nonce in this case means a Auth Token or a Refresh Token,

Just explore their documentation. You will find some relevant endpoints to generate a new auth token using a refresh token.

You will have to put this module at the start of scenario so it generates the token “Nonce” and pass it to the next one to get your API module work.

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This is their documentation: GitHub - laurentmaluski/fx4biz-rest: A RESTful API for submitting FX operations, payments and monitoring accounts with FX4BIZ.

Not really great.

From my research, my findings are that a “nonce” is a random unique string to be created at each request, so it’s not an Auth Token. I think I have to create the string myself.


In their sandbox portal, it automatically creates a “nonce” probably with a script.