Xero to Client Joy match multiple records

I have a scenario which currently works when there is only one Xero record but when there are more (it runs once a day looking for reconciled payments) it is not working as intended.

Intended outcome - multiple payments reconciled - i then filter these to only get those that are Authorised payments (and not deleted or other status’s)

Then i get all of the Client Joy invoices - can be multiple and each of these has a Xero Invoice No in a custom field as they where originally created via another Make Scenario)

Then I need to filter through the Client Joy invoices - matching these to each Xero Payment via the Xero Invoice Number and then record the payment to the Client Joy invoice.

The issue is that when there is more than one Xero Payment event through it is filtered to filter out the Deleted Xero invoices when it gets to the Client Joy filter to match up it is trying on this first Xero Payment that should have bene filtered out and then not moving on to try the rest of the Xero payments.

Screen shots below;