Zoho CRM Line Items to Google Docs

Hello all,

I am trying to switch from Zapier to Make and I cannot solve something.

  1. I have a Zoho CRM Quote
  2. In the Quote I have 10 products all witch product name, price and quantity. So each line has 3 parameters.

On the other hand I have

  1. Google Docs file template
  2. The template has 30 place holders {{ }}

{{product1}} {{price1}} {{quantity1}}
{{product2}} {{price2}} {{quantity2}}

{{product10}} {{price10}} {{quantity10}}

I cannot make Integromat to output all 30 values so I can place them.
In the output of the trigger I see a array collection.

I use an Iterator but it outputs only one set of variables product1, prrice1 and quantity1. I am not able to get to the other 9 sets so I can place in the right place.

In Zapier I can output all the 30 values.

The problem is that Google Docs has 30 placeholders that expect values (a table with pricing and line items.

Also I watched a lot of videos, but they use JSON.

  • I do not have JSON anywhere in the tools
  • it takes coding which unfortunately I do not know

The thing I need I found here. The problem is that the input does not have the so I cannot number them.