Zoho integration + file_upload field for Accounts

So I want to connect make.com and zohoo and there already is a connector for crm.
But there is no support to integrate file_upload fileds or am I missing something?

I thought of integrating the /v2/files api, but its not possible from Zoho connector because there is no support for multipart form, and I am having troubles creating custom oauth2 authorization for Zohoo and make.com

Any1 else had this issue and has a solution?


You can use either of these two actions.

Also, you don’t have to setup separate authorization.

The API endpoint can be directly use in the Zoho Make an API call.

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Thanks, I actually dont want attachment, this is a custom field of type “file upload”.
I tried the “make api request” but I cant seem to make it work with /v2/files due to the multipart form