Create OAuth 2.0 connection to zoho desk

How are you all?
I need some help to connect to zoho desk via the make an OAuth 2.0 request.

The reason for doing so is that the built in “make an API call” module for zoho desk lacks the option to do a file upload using multipart/form-data like there is in a regular HTTP request module. I really hope this will be fixed by dev - since there is no real reason this option will be left out of the built in “make an API call” module…

Anyhow - I guess that I will need to use the make an OAuth 2.0 request module instead.

I have read here about doing the connection - and I have some questions:

  1. When registering my app in the Zoho API console - what kind of client should I use? is it a Self client, a Server-based Application client, or maybe Client-based Applications client?

  2. Should I use a OAuth 2.0 request module or maybe a regular HTTP request module?

  3. In the make an OAuth 2.0 request module I need to provide Authorize URI and Token URI - from what are those?

  4. In the Web-based application authorization doc (this one) I see that I need to do a call with response_type, redirect_uri, access_type, state etc - where are those in the make an OAuth 2.0 request module?

Any way - If someone did this connection in the past and can help - it will be superb.