2 notion databases in one pipeline

2 Notion databases in one pipeline


I have 2 databases, that have a property of type “Relation” that connects these 2 databases in Notion. I need to map values from Database #2 in this common property while updating the item from Database #1.

Current pipeline:

  • Watch the Database #1
  • Get some items from it
  • Filter it by “Created Date” compared to today’s date
  • Change some static properties of these items from the Database #1

What i want:

Add one more step of pipeline that change this “Relation” property and map the values from the Database #2, comparing their “Created Date” property, and if it matches - link them to each other.

Now i can manually choose the items from the Database #2 in the dropping list, but if I want to map it. So I’m not sure how to use parameters from Database #2 to compare it with parameters from Database #1.


I can see only parameters i got from Database #1.


And there’s no way to watch 2 databases simultaneously, only one.

Hi, could you add a “Search objects” or “get database item” module that finds the page in database #2 that you would like to compare? This way, you would get the properties from database #2 and can continue your scenario as envisioned