Notion - Two connected databases 5/24

We have two databases:

  1. Database A - individual entries represent individual projects; entries contain general information about the project
  2. Database B - the single entries again represent individual projects, but this database also contains some sensitive information that users of Database A should not have access to.
  3. So we need these to be two separate databases that only share certain information with each other.

We need to create a synchronization bridge that will overwrite the information between the two databases, but not copy sensitive information from database B to A.
If 2-way synchronization would not work, then at least from A to B.

I tried to create a workflow as the screenshot, but unfortunately unsuccessfully.

Could someone help me? Thanks a lot!

What is not working in your current approach?

And you may also check out this tool (still in Alpha I think) if you would like a more out-of-the-box third-party tool that manages the sync for you


Hello Simo, thanks for your reply.
I was able to make work the new item creation from A->B when I create a new entry in A it is populated as a new item in B (even though for some reason it doesn’t write all the info for relation fields…)
But where I failed is the update of existing items when the item is updated in A it doesn’t do anything in B; I have mapped the fields the same way as it is in the first case but it returns errors “[400] XXX is not a property that exists.” - i believe it should be mapped correctly but for some reason, it does not work. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?
I have even tried to put it in a separate workflow but still no success.

I see, what module are you using that throws the error message?
And maybe you could try to hit the refresh button on the module that throws the error, so that the fields metadata get updated - and then see if the error persists.


well unfortunately none of this worked.

But I have found a much more complex solution here Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases. which works! :slight_smile:

but still, it would be great if such a feature is directly in the Notion as the of 2-way sync setup is just too complicated. Some advanced relations would be strongly appreciated.


Hey there @Vik :wave:

Thank you so much for sharing this resource with us! :sunny:

Good job :muscle:

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