Is it possible to pass a subtask in a Notion task database to another databse?


I am trying to sync some of my tasks in a Notion Database to a database in another Notion account. I am having a challenge trying to sync the subtask along with the parent task.

Essentially, the sub task is a relation type data that is pointing back to the same task database.

This is how I set it up in Make:

This is the error message I got:

I think I realised what is the issue. Since the receiving database is creating a new subtask page therefore, it has a different ID. Is my assumption correct. If yes, then how can this be done?

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Hi @Rajiv_Rai_Singh ,

Have you tried using this flow below? since you’ve mentioned that you’re syncing it to a different database then you will need to grab the information for mapping like getting the fields for mapping for the creation of a task/subtask.

The sequence by theory is:

1.) Watch Database Item as the trigger (DB1)
2.) Get a DB item (DB1)
3.) Get a Page (DB1)
4.) Create a DB item - mapped fields from the previous module(s) (or page - DB2)
5.) Update a DB item (DB2)