[400] Error - Webhook limit reached for given trigger

I am just setting up a new account for a new client and its my first time using Make. We are currently just getting things setup and tested using the free account but will upgrade to Core when everything is setup.

I am setting up a scenario to send an automated email notification everytime a new collection item is added in a Webflow website for 20 member accounts (each member needs 5 scenarios each)

This has all be working fine however I have about 32 more scenarios to set up but I am now getting a [400] ValidationError when trying to add the new duplicate scenarios that says: Webhook limit reached for given trigger

The tigger I need to use on all scenarios is ‘Collection Item Created’.

  • Is the limit because we are on the free account?
  • Would upgrading now to Core unlock the ability to add the remaining 32 scenarios needed?

Any advice as to why the limit error is showing and what I need to do to solve the issue would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Adrian2

I believe you are receiving this error because Webhook queue is full i.e Make is still processing the data from your previous Webhooks.

If you try after sometime it should be fine.

However as it seems that you are going to be processing alot of data, I suggest that you upgrade your plan so that your Webhook queue would be increased.

You can read more on how Make prices and calculates Webhook usage here


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Thanks Harsh …

Unfortunately this has not solved the issue. I cleared all web hooks data that was stored and turned off all scenarios and web hooks early yesterday but I’m still getting the [400] ValidationError : Webhook limit reached for given trigger.

The free plan is still showing 650 unused operations available.

I popped in support ticket (#628659) to Make 2 days ago but haven’t had any response yet.

In the absence of any information from Make I will have to upgrade the free plan to their core plan and see if this unlocks the issue but I don’t think it will.

Thanks for your feedback though.

I have heard back from Pavel at Make … and it appears that Webflow has the limit on trigger calls.

I managed to get 75 call scenarios with the same collection trigger before the limit block appeared, so bear that in mind if you are using Webflow.

I will be looking into combining scenarios into groups now using router and filter methods as per Make website.

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Heya @Adrian2 welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to quickly step in to say thank you for sharing what you learned from Pavel with us. Great to hear that you got a solution and thanks for keeping the community in mind :pray: