Missing item

Hi, I’m currently watching a tutorial on how to run a scenario connecting to Webflow; but I can’t see the item (collection ID) used in the video. I’ve been trying to figure out how to add it but haven’t found a clear solution. I’m new to Make so any help would be greatly appreciated.


Welcome to the Make community!

When setting up the Webflow webhook, you need to select something to do with “Collection Items”, otherwise it won’t watch collection items.


Thank you!

I did that but this is still all I’m getting on the filter popup:

Maybe I mean a condition rather than an item?

Then, you need to run your scenario once, and immediately send some data over from Webflow.


Do you know how to send the data over? :sweat_smile: I just tried google and it said “add a Webflow module and click Create a Connection”. Added the module but can’t see create a connection.

If your webhook is listening to “Collection Item Created”, then to send data over you’ll need to create a collection item in Webflow.


I’m not trying to add an item (although I see the confusion) but the collection ID condition.

I just want the scenario to target items created in the collection matching a specified ID.

When an item is created, the collection id should be sent together with the item details, is what I’m saying.

So you should trigger one manually first, is what I’m saying, so that the module can capture sample details, including the collection id variable.


That’s done it! Thank you very much.

No problem, glad I could help!

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