429 Error Too many requests

HI, I have the below scenario where I am sending emails using front to our customers. Normally the volumes are high about 300+ per run.

How can I mitigate the error 429?
is there a way to set a module to sleep or wait until the limit is available?
Screenshot 2023-12-06 at 10.09.33 a.m.

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Hi Hector,

In order to mitigate the 429 error you will need to identify the application that is causing the 429 error, determine what your rate limit is, then set up a repeater that will repeat (Total Email Volume / ratelimit) times. Then include a Tools - sleep module to wait out your Rate Limit.

For example, if my rate limit was 50 request / minute, and I have 300 emails to send, I would set a repeater iterate 300{{/}}50 times, process 50 requests, then sleep for 60 seconds.


Hello @Hector_Rojo_Duran :wave:

Not sure if you know but we have a relatively fresh resource on handling 429 errors in our Help Center. Feel free to check it out below, it could be handy.

:point_right: 429 errors - rate limiting


Thank you @Michaela, It heps a lot the documentation you sent


Thank you @IOA_Brett I did complement with @Michaela solution what you suggested