🟣 A No-Code Agency Solved Unqualified Leads Problem with Make

Hey Makers :wave:

Today, I would like to tell you a story of an agency that managed to tackle the problem of unqualified leads by connecting a bunch of apps with Make :make:

:thinking: First things first, so - what’s the deal with unqualified leads? Generally speaking, unqualified leads are interested in your product or service but do not fit what you are offering. They represent a huge frustration to businesses across all sorts of industries and more often than not make Salespeople waste hours of their time on meetings that will never lead anywhere.

This was also a problem of Minimum: ​​an automation agency focused on building faster, better products for their customers using no-code tools. The guys at Minimum got really popular really quickly a couple of years ago and instantly got flooded with leads, many of which were unqualified.

:bulb: Minimum recognized the inefficiency of their lead qualification process and decided to take action. They took a step back, and committed to fully understanding the process and all the people and tools involved. After giving everything proper thought, they developed a simple yet effective solution for pre-qualifying leads with Make. In a nutshell, this is what happens:

The lead fills out an initial form and

  • a matching record is created in a CRM
  • a requirements form is sent back to the lead
  • the stakeholders get notified

Once the requirements form is submitted

  • a folder is created with a doc containing all the information
  • the CRM record gets updated
  • the stakeholders are notified

:sunglasses: Thanks to this nifty automated process, the Sales guys get to make informed decisions about their leads and Minimum manages to save 400+ hours of work per year. How brilliant is that?

Now, this is just a mere gist of the story.

:arrow_down: Check out the “freshly baked” blog post to get all the details and let us know your thoughts