A split is not working for splitting different categories

I want to split in different categories the input that I grab from a Google Sheets and put it on a Notion. I dont know why is saying that is a string


In Notion I have already made this categories


It sounds like Problemas Generales is supposed to be text, but the split() function creates an array.


And how should I fix it? If selected multiple options, Problemas Generales bring an array and I want to use the split function

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I have already fixed the error, thanks!

Sorry I was off creating a Notion account and trying this out myself.
I created a multi-select field and I was able to update it way you tried, by using split().
So what did you do to fix it?


Yes, thats right! I was using a column option in Notion that was select rather tan multi-select field. Thats why when sending the array, Notion was expecting a string. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Canine_Wellness :wave:,
Congratulations on solving this puzzle on your own! :jigsaw:

Thanks a lot for remembering to share your insights with us and marking them as a solution. This way our community stays tidy, and neat, and it is easy to look for solutions. :broom:

Keep up the great work!

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