About upgrading to Make and keeping the old integromat account (and some more)

Hello, I want to make the upgrade from integromat to Make but I have a doubt: when I upgrade and all the scenarios I have go to Make, do I keep the old integromat account?
What happens to the scenarios in the integromat account, do they just deactivate? In this case, can I still use them/edit them?
Does Make simply “copy and paste” the integromat scenarios from integromat to Make?

Edit: another important question, do I get on make all the webhooks/connections/databases I was using on integromat without needing to adjust anything? Or do I have to reconnect everything?

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When the transfer is complete, your integromat account becomes read-only.

using integromat is not possible once the transfer is completed.

Pretty much.

You, can not edit them on integromat, but can continue to edit and use them on make.

in 95% of cases yes.
(see documentation for what needs to update before you start your transition)

  1. Databases yes,
  2. Most connections transfer without needing to reconnect.
  3. Webhooks yes, with one caveat. make webhooks can not trigger multiple scenarios simulatanously.

If you use one webhook to trigger 2+ scenarios, that will need to change before transitioning.


for more info.

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Thank you this was extremely helpful.
You said that “Most” connections transfer without needing to reconnect, is there a list of the exceptions somewhere?

You’ll see the exceptions when you migrate. The migration tool is very helpful to tell you what’s going on during the process.

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