Is it possible to UN-migrate back to Integromat until things are more solid?

I have a customer that “accidentally” migrated to Make… things were fine… until we needed to make changes to some of the scenarios.

They don’t have many scenarios. But are at a critical stage and things are not good.

We are not really in a place where we can just wait it out.

Looking for advice.



I don’t think you can migrate back at the moment. What of issues are you facing?

Numerous. Most related to monday modules.


  1. When creating or updating items you can not use mapped values in connect boards columns.
  2. Reading a group is too weird to explain. (may also be relate to mapped values).
  3. HTTP calls to webhooks were not registering (seems to be working now).
  4. Problems using a data structure with Array aggregator.

I am really looking forward to the enhancements that the new platform will bring. Right now, I just can’t afford to wait until things are fixed.

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If you are desperate to get those automations going until some bugs are fixed maybe the best would be to clone the critical scenarios from your client Integromat account into your account (if you have not migrated).

Great minds think alike. Exactly what I’m doing.


Remember, migrating doesn’t necessarily remove your old Integromat account, it just “copies and rebuilds” most of it. Your old Integromat account should still be live, just re-activate your previous Webhooks, scenarios and all and you can keep using Integromat

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Sounds reasonable.

However, the Integromat account is locked out of ALL changes. It says I have no active subscriptions. Clicking “Change your subscription” takes me to the subscriptions page where the only clickable option is “Contact support”; which I did. I have heard nothing back.


Hi @datalytyks, actually if you have a completed migration your Integromat subscription is canceled and you can’t get a new subscription … So there is no way to turn on the scenarios :woozy_face:

Really? I don’t see that on my account, which was migrated to Make. I can still turn my scenarios back on if I want to, which makes sense. Just because you migrate doesn’t mean you still shouldn’t be able to use the Integromat account.

That is how it looks on one of my client account. I wonder if it looks different if you are the account owner?

Does it matter if the migration was automatic or manual?

Heya Jim! Just stepping in to confirm that once you’ve fully migrated (automatically or manually), it’s not possible to go back to Integromat.

Thank you for the confirmation.

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I cannot use Make at all right now. Was working fine but after login I’m presented with a completely blank page. Very frustrating. I’ve tried clearing cache, using another browser, incognito mode etc.


I just want to reiterate the urgency of the issues raised by Jim above. We foolishly upgraded to Make, assuming backwards compatibility with, and now my business has stalled. I cannot wait around either as this is critical to the way by business functions and we have a back catalogue of work to do.

It would have been useful if we could have been informed of critical issues related to the modules used in your account before upgrading. I would have waited.

How are we supposed to proceed in this regard?

Hi Jim,

Any suggestions for resolving issue number 1 above? I am desperate.


Yes, use a direct call to the monday API. The easiest way is to use the “Execute a GraphQL Query” module to update the connect boards column(s) separately. Here’s an example:

Jim - The Monday Man


Thanks Jim - I will give that a go.

How does this work for accounts that still have apps that can’t be migrated?

We are having the issue where we are frozen out of our Integromat account but we can’t migrate over our app into Make.

It stops us from being able to do any work on the app.

This has been the case for several months now.

Take two, lets try this again not from my phone :rofl:

First question are you not able to export the blueprints from integromat, i know they are incompatible with make, but you should still be able to use it as a baseline to build from scratch in make? (I know thats rough) or is the module just not working at all in make?

if the module is not working at all in make. then maybe…

How many operations do you use a month, and how sensitive is the data that is passed/synced account. (if it falls under GDPR restrictions, or handles any protected groups data or high compliance industry, or any groups payment information. this is not a smart solution for you follow up on.

That being said. I am very… tentatively… willing to help here with my organizations extra operations, by creating an isolated scenario you call with a webbook, and signing a data processing agreement with my company. (unfortunately I can not give direct access because integromat doesn’t have the team permissioning that is there in make).

heres the flow
You call my webhook with HTTP. like so. describing the variables you need to process. and which module you want trigger via the variables.

then it would receive on my end, process your shotstack specific automations,
and then pass end result data to you via a webhook on your side.

I can replicate the custom app modifications in my integromat account, if you still have access to the configuration.