Massive Issues upgrading from Integromat to Make

Hey everyone,
I am experiencing massive issues after I migrated my account from integromat to Make and was wondering whether you are experiencing the same. Some of the issues include:

  1. Excrutiating long loading times when setting up modules, loading scenarios, logging in everything is slow.
  2. Error messages that modules are not able load certain fields
  3. Error messages when logging in
  4. Modules that can’t used mapped values out of a sudden (e.g. have a number of scenarios that use There is a module to change column values. I can select (and map) columns that I want to be changed however I cannot put a mapped value in that column but only select of a number of predefined values.

This is just what I can see on first glance and 3/4 of those items are deal breakers on their own…

Hi @Jorn ,

There was some downtime and slow loading for a bit, due to the high load I believe. Do you still see these issues?

If you are missing mapping for values in modules, could you please make a list? The Make development team can then have a look at it.

Thank you!

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Hey @Bjorn.drivn ,
thanks for your answer. I appreciate the whole team wanting to create something awesome and making the platform better.
I raised issues for everything I experienced.
What is disappointing is that I dont really get anything helpful at the moment. I raise the issue and I am sure someone will look at it but so far no one has told me how I can go back to integromat so my scenarios work again until this is fixed or any other workaround. I feel its quite disappointing that this happens in the first place. I expected some rework to be done but that functionalities just disappear completely and my only options is that I can (maybe) rebuilt if I build my own API requests is just not what a customer should expect.

I just noticed I can just log in to my integromat account and reactivate all scenarios. Maybe this is something your support team should emphasize :wink:

Hello there @Jorn :wave:

Very sorry to hear about the inconvenience you’re facing. The Support Team is doing their absolute best in order to assist whenever there are issues with the upgrade. I am, therefore, totally certain that somebody will be with you shortly to help you out.

In the meantime, please check out our Make Help Center. In there, you can find all sorts of helpful information such as

  • the overview of what’s different on Make compared to Integromat
  • the upgrade
  • answers to the FAQs