Report Confirmed Make issues

While switching over from Integromat to Make, many people have noticed some apps have changed their capabilities. Some have subtle different functionality (looking at your airtable), and some have modules missing altogether (looking at the Send me an Email module now missing from the Email app). I think it would be helpful to catalogue what apps have changed in this thread. That way when we migrate scenarios over we know where we will need to make adjustments and change our expectations. It’s easier if you know you need to do something rather than hit the roadblock head on during a major migration.

So what have you noticed has changed in the Make app library?


If you use with a webhook, the normal “webhook” doesn’t work anymore, because it doesn’t return the information that monday needs initially. But now there is a “Watch Events” monday module in Make. This works exactly the same as a webhook and is also displayed there. So you can even see which webhooks come from monday.


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I agree that the “I-wish-it-had-a-better-name” monday specific webhook is as good as and arguably better for most cases for use with monday scenarios; but, it is not the same as the standard Custom Webhook module. Specifically:

  1. There is no way to get to any of the advance settings.
  2. The way that the data structure is setup (which you can not change… see #1) you can not receive URL query parameters.

Again, for most people, in most cases, this webhook is better. I myself will probably opt for this version most of the time.


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Hi everyone, I have created a super basic way to log Make Integromat migration issues. The idea is to be able to have everything in a database that is sortable. You can check the very primitive version here: Integromat Make App Issues | Wiseflow and start logging issues.

Let me know if this is something that you find useful or if you have any feedback.



I am loving this incredibly helpful thread and thank you so much for starting it @alex.newpath! Also, thanks @loic.wiseflow for keeping track of those issues, it’s greatly appreciated.

That’s great @loic.wiseflow — now we have a community database that will help others.

To give some more context to each report, could you allow the reporter to add a link to a ticket or a discussion thread, so there’s a longer reference to the issue. This should show up on the summary list as well if possible or on a detail view.

Could you check how it looks on mobile and give a little more space to the report and issue form and the list view? It’s a bit cramped on my iPhone.

Hi @alex.newpath, done I have made a few changes:

  • added ticket number field and “have you reported” the issue
  • Improved the mobile experience
  • added a detail view

Outstanding!!! This should be shared in our slack.