App not working after Make Upgrade

I have one app that we cannot use in

It DOES migrate to make. I can edit it.

But all associated scenarios did not migrate correctly (almost empty).
Creating a new scenario: able to select a module, but does nothing, the module does not show up in the editor.

Used migration tool, blueprint, copy/paste: all do not work.
Error on scenario migration: {“message”:“Translation by reverse map failed on account, 1250560”,“stack”:“*** sanitized ***”}

In the meantime: we have a production issues, we cannot run this in Make and we cannot use Integromat as backup (sorry guys, but very stupid… if things fail, we need to be able to go back, full or partial).

I quickly tested rebuilding the code: with a new app same code (base, connection and one module) works. It is a banking app and scenarios with 30-40 modules, so not that easy to rebuild and then run all the tests again.

So… any smart idea’s ? Ran into this as well ?

Quick question … does your App or any of the Modules have a long name? I’ve seen a suggestion that App or Module names longer than 32 characters can cause this issue.

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Hello K-Yey_BV,

Firstly, let me apologize for inconvenience this experience has caused you. This is seems like a strange outlier and we are currently investigating this issue.

I see you have created ticket with number 632336 and we will respond over there to keep our thread and details in one place.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Tiep from Product Team

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Yes, the app and most modules… too long names.
Exported the app, edited the names and now I can import and build scenarios. But I don’t want to rebuild the scenario’s.

So dev. needs to fixed this.

We are missing 2 important scenario’s: 5 days already.
No backup, no way to run these. Only option we have is to rebuild.

Migration/upgrade to was smooth, ecxept this one (and it is a known issue, since the beta !).

Not really happy with the support and the process (it just locks you in).

Solution: do it yourselves and rebuild all. Support is not able to solve it.

Support used to be good, but 2 weeks and still not fixed: that is non-exsiting support.