Unable to upgrade Integromat account

We are unable to upgrade our plan in Integromat. We were on a Business plan and due to some issue with our card, the plan got cancelled. Now we are not able to upgrade the same again.

We have more than 20 active scenarios and want to get it back at the earliest. Can anyone guide possible resolutions. Already raised a support ticket, not sure about the time it will take.


Hey @Raghav :wave:

I’m looking into our system and I see that you’re already in talks with our Support team. I also see that you logged a follow-up question a couple of minutes ago. I spoke to the support guys and they’ll get back to you in a bit with all the info you need :slight_smile:

Thanks @Michaela for looking into this, We have upgraded to Make now and seems like migration went fine.
Hopefully, now all scenarios work as expected.

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Happy to help @Raghav :slight_smile: It’s great to hear that the migration process went well for you. If you happen to have any issues with the migrated scenarios, let us know and we’ll make sure to help out immediately.