Accessing OpenAI TTS .mp3 file

  • Goal: Convert text to speech and upload to Cloudinary
  • Things tried: Put both available fields in the “file” field for Cloudinary upload

Hi everyone, I am trying to transfer an mp3 file I receive from OpenAI’s TTS service to Cloudinary, however the response that arrives into my OpenAI module only contains the filename and a long string called “Buffer, codepage: binary”. I was expecting to receive either the full URL of the mp3 file or the file itself. I feel like I’m missing something here! What do I need to do to pass the file along to Cloudinary?



OK I’ve just learned about mapping files, and solved this myself!


Hey there @Jon_Norris :wave:

So amazing to hear that you solved your issues by yourself!

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Keep up the good work! :party_blob:

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